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Saxon HVAC Marketing Materials

With about 10 years of HVAC experience under his belt the founder and client, Hunter Croswell, decided to start his own company. After years of toying with the idea and doing all the research necessary to make the informed step, he chose “Saxon” from his middle name. With initial discussions, he wanted only the traditional red, green, blue, and pink to represent the HVAC parts of the business, but no other reference to the business for fear of having a logo that was too similar to other HVAC logos.

Total list of marketing materials:
• Logo design
• Website design
• Facebook page creation & maintenance
• Van decals

Logo Design
Social Media

The client also wanted to attract a wide range of clientele ranging from private to commercial, and was passionate about making it clear with his logo that he is accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. He is located in a fairly conservative area and has found that some of the other companies in the area refuse to do business with the LGBTQ+ community.

With all of these factors in mind, I combined the simple type face from initial designs, with color elements that reflect the HVAC classic colors and expand upon them to act as a signal to the LGBTQ+ community, and drew the icon portion of the logo to show half “heat” represented by the sun and half “cold” represented by the snowflake.

Two versions of the logo were created: a circular version that is meant to be used on vans and in instances where a more even aspect ration is needed, and a horizontal version that is meant to be used on letterheads, quotes, invoices, and business documents. I expanded upon the color logos to create variations to suit any need the client might face.

Facebook Page


Van Decals

Photos coming soon!

Logo iterations during brainstorming

We found with the first logos, removing elements that represented heating and cooling made it difficult for the logo to have any character or be exciting to look at.