Maurica James

#OpenToWork | Graphic Designer | Grafikdesignerin

Festival Guide for the 2017 Common Ground Music Festival

The festival guide for Common Ground Music Festival has information necessary for attendees, including the lineup for each day, safety information, and a map of the festival grounds. Advertisement space was saved for sponsors, and the design was adjusted when need be to make sure all the ads could be included.

I was the sole designer of this festival guide, and collaborated with the marketing director and sponsorship coordinator of the festival production company to ensure its completion.


Cover design

Each year that I’ve designed the Common Ground festival guide, I have tried to think of different ways to showcase essentially the same information: logo, year, and headlining artists. I treated each cover as if it was an art piece where each could be potentially framed by the other and would be unique in design but clearly follow the same brand guidelines.

This cover was a surprising challenge due to Saturday having 2 headliners. This made balancing the cover more complicated and less straight forward. There were an even number of days and an odd number of artists. By including the date column at the bottom, I was able to balance the odd number of columns to also have an odd number of rows. From there, I used color blocking and a combination of the photos and day titles to guide the viewers eye from the top of the cover to the bottom.

In order to make it clear which stage each artist was playing on, I color coded the stages in the festival guide and on the festival signage. Originally all the times and locations were the same color, and when I would work the event I noticed guests would sometimes be confused about which stage each artist was performing on. They would get lost in the hierarchy of information and miss the part where the stage was listed on each artists section.